“Don’t you know you misspell dominoes?” – Asks Everyone

So, why do I spell Dominoes, Dominos?

No, it’s not because I want to be like the pizza. Though, if I could be their asiago feta pizza I would enjoy that life.

It’s actually a play on “Domino’s”. Possessive.

The idea, or rather, the subtext I’m implying is that there is a game to be played, and it’s my game. But it is also a place, a safe space, where we can have coffee (iced, I’m a fuckin’ New Englander) and chat about things that rock your socks. So yes, come into Domino’s and

Until Dominos pizza wants to somehow trademark the concept of a possessive ‘s spelling, and thus come after me about it, I’m not worried. (They’d also have to go up against the X-Men franchise, and like, the exist of a dominoes game…)


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