Sex Wishlist

My featured image is from Ma’iitsoh Yazhi Photography, please visit their tumblr for their information (such as portfolio, booking sessions, gawking at their amazing photos, etc.)

I make wishlists for a lot of things for shopping online, and I keep things organized and in their own lists. One thing I realized, I never made a “sex wishlist” – what do I want for sex?

I’m pretty experienced, but I would like the following:

• Sex with more then 3 other people (meaning, there were three other people involved in my most “orgy” like thing); yes I am talking about a gang bang. Yes, I want to be in the middle of it all as a bottom.

• Done up in rope – yes, I’ve had simple two column ties on my wrists before, and Adam was doing simple things for me with the promise of more (but he passed, and we never done FULL body stuff, just pieces), and since then I’ve never done rope demo work or even privately. [Most of my demos ever was flogging/spanking stuff]. I want to be done up, I want rigging, I want suspension (in truth, suspension is a fear of mine that I want to conquer). I have some Twisted Monk cotton rope for me to practice my ties with and for the occasional bondage I run into when I am domming (usually for pay). I’d LOVE to have some of the violet hemp rope. Purple is my favorite color. I tend to get purple toys if I can.

• Something I’ve done in the past, and just want it done again – I want my back covered in wax. I loved playing with wax as a child, and as a kinky youth and young adult I just love it more. Since owning pets I really haven’t ever had candle around.

• I’ve always wanted to be in bondage and on a fuck machine. Enough said.

• I’ve been vaginally fisted, but not anally fisted. I want that.



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