Next Topic: Ejaculation (With Vaginas)!

So in my own personal language I try to focus on genitalia and that function, rather than classify things in a gendered language of “female ejaculation”. Because, as a (trans) male, I am finding myself ejaculating a LOT more than I was when I was younger, and also, I’m not female. However, the popular term is indeed female ejaculation. For me, I’m going to refer it to just “ejaculating” or “ejaculating with a vagina”.

My friend Witch Hazel, who is new to BDSM but quite kinky in her own right, is what I call the most pro in my group of friends for she has owned the fact she can drown men with an orgasm a lot quicker than I have.

So if you have a question about ejaculation, SEND THEM QUICK! Email them at


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