Next Topic: Ejaculation (With Vaginas)!

So in my own personal language I try to focus on genitalia and that function, rather than classify things in a gendered language of “female ejaculation”. Because, as a (trans) male, I am finding myself ejaculating a LOT more than I was when I was younger, and also, I’m not female. However, the popular term is indeed female ejaculation. For me, I’m going to refer it to just “ejaculating” or “ejaculating with a vagina”.

My friend Witch Hazel, who is new to BDSM but quite kinky in her own right, is what I call the most pro in my group of friends for she has owned the fact she can drown men with an orgasm a lot quicker than I have.

So if you have a question about ejaculation, SEND THEM QUICK! Email them at


Sex Wishlist

My featured image is from Ma’iitsoh Yazhi Photography, please visit their tumblr for their information (such as portfolio, booking sessions, gawking at their amazing photos, etc.)

I make wishlists for a lot of things for shopping online, and I keep things organized and in their own lists. One thing I realized, I never made a “sex wishlist” – what do I want for sex?

I’m pretty experienced, but I would like the following:

• Sex with more then 3 other people (meaning, there were three other people involved in my most “orgy” like thing); yes I am talking about a gang bang. Yes, I want to be in the middle of it all as a bottom.

• Done up in rope – yes, I’ve had simple two column ties on my wrists before, and Adam was doing simple things for me with the promise of more (but he passed, and we never done FULL body stuff, just pieces), and since then I’ve never done rope demo work or even privately. [Most of my demos ever was flogging/spanking stuff]. I want to be done up, I want rigging, I want suspension (in truth, suspension is a fear of mine that I want to conquer). I have some Twisted Monk cotton rope for me to practice my ties with and for the occasional bondage I run into when I am domming (usually for pay). I’d LOVE to have some of the violet hemp rope. Purple is my favorite color. I tend to get purple toys if I can.

• Something I’ve done in the past, and just want it done again – I want my back covered in wax. I loved playing with wax as a child, and as a kinky youth and young adult I just love it more. Since owning pets I really haven’t ever had candle around.

• I’ve always wanted to be in bondage and on a fuck machine. Enough said.

• I’ve been vaginally fisted, but not anally fisted. I want that.


How Lemonade inspired me to pursue transition and rely on myself

“You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, someone not everyone knows how to love.”
Warsan Shire

I usually reserve getting deep touchy feely on my personal Facebook page. All my friends – and listeners probably too – know I love Beyoncé.

When Lemonade dropped, it was April 23rd in the year of our Bey 2016. I will recap my life: I was working at a very shitty hotel, I was contemplating going back into sex work, I was trying and failing to find local doctors who would work with me. I also was crushing hard on a guy, and he brushed me off cold turkey. My family was rejecting me left and right that I decided to make the step to transition, because my insurance told me I was approved to pursue whatever I desire – the catch was no one local would give me hormones or even consider surgery. I was low.

After the invention of digital downloading of music and iTunes, I rarely bought a whole album. But Beyoncé is the one exception where I’ve bought two complete albums – her self titled album, and Lemonade. After I downloaded it, I heard the words of Warsan Shire and Beyoncé. It touched upon my relationships: past and current (and would be near future), my issues with my father and looking like him, and also being independent and empowering ones self. I ended up pursuing the transgender clinic in Boston, which is a bit aways from me. I finally found competent care and once I got testosterone I felt accomplished. I even got the courage from friends and the lyrics from this album to go ahead and make this very podcast.

Yesterday, I was told that I have to lose 15-20 pounds before the surgeons will remove my breasts. I take this in, and feel emboldened.

I listen to it today, where it is the second month anniversary of taking testosterone. I traveled by bus to my haircut with it playing in my ear buds. I sang it in the shower and also when I was talking to a few would be play partners about boundaries, and told a few clients who have been dodging payment that they “..can watch my fat ass twist boy, as I bounce to the next dick boy” (Don’t Hurt Yourself). I set up a small talk session for next week while humming 6 Inch, and while I write this now and make some food I am dancing to Formation.

As said by Hattie White, Jay Z’s grandmother, on her 90th birthday:

I had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.

“Don’t you know you misspell dominoes?” – Asks Everyone

So, why do I spell Dominoes, Dominos?

No, it’s not because I want to be like the pizza. Though, if I could be their asiago feta pizza I would enjoy that life.

It’s actually a play on “Domino’s”. Possessive.

The idea, or rather, the subtext I’m implying is that there is a game to be played, and it’s my game. But it is also a place, a safe space, where we can have coffee (iced, I’m a fuckin’ New Englander) and chat about things that rock your socks. So yes, come into Domino’s and

Until Dominos pizza wants to somehow trademark the concept of a possessive ‘s spelling, and thus come after me about it, I’m not worried. (They’d also have to go up against the X-Men franchise, and like, the exist of a dominoes game…)

Why I enjoy BDSM

I’m having a bout of insomnia, which happens sometimes and lately its tied to my first two days of a T injection (I take it weekly). At times like this I end up listening to music, trying to seek a lullaby of sorts. I fell across Rihanna’s new song Sledgehammer (I listen to a lot of various music, but I admit my top rotations are Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce songs in the daytime).

As I listen, it sort of got me thinking about why I enjoy BDSM. It’s a question often asked of me, why I enjoy submitting. Simply put, I am fascinated by the contradictions in it.

What’s ugly – bruises, marks, welts, scars – is beautiful, what is painful is pleasurable, what is considered disgusting – the degradation, the drool, the sweat, is desirable.

It’s a sort of mirror, the way everything is reversed. It feels like I am truthfully seen, for everything that I am. That there is a bit of unconditional love, that I can be accepted even though I am sweating, bruised heap and told I am a good boy makes me feel so alive.