Another skipped week!

Things have been hectic and I had a family emergency on Sunday that’s still sort of making this week struggle, so I will have to say sorry and give myself another week.

Again the topic is anal, and please email questions to


Episode 13 – “Female” Ejaculation

Get your lab coats you cuties because we are going to be experimenting with…ejaculation! Specifically, vaginas that ejaculate. I have my friend Witch Hazel on because she has had more experience than I, a burgeoning squirter, do. We get interrupted – rudely mind you – near the beginning but have no fear, we persevere!

*I don’t believe that female ejaculation is an appropriate term, since again not all people with vaginas are women. It’s just the common vernacular, and I mention this. It’s also why I put it in quotes.


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Recording pushed back!

Hey guys, you’ll have an extra week to send in your questions about ejaculations! My partner in crime for that episode had the power go out because of rampant storms in the area so we are pushing to next week Wednesday.


Next Topic: Ejaculation (With Vaginas)!

So in my own personal language I try to focus on genitalia and that function, rather than classify things in a gendered language of “female ejaculation”. Because, as a (trans) male, I am finding myself ejaculating a LOT more than I was when I was younger, and also, I’m not female. However, the popular term is indeed female ejaculation. For me, I’m going to refer it to just “ejaculating” or “ejaculating with a vagina”.

My friend Witch Hazel, who is new to BDSM but quite kinky in her own right, is what I call the most pro in my group of friends for she has owned the fact she can drown men with an orgasm a lot quicker than I have.

So if you have a question about ejaculation, SEND THEM QUICK! Email them at


Episode 12 – Polyamory With Dawn

Hey listeners, do you like me? Do you REALLY like me? Please leave a review! Also, my friend Dawn is here to talk about polyamory and how we do our own multiple lovin’. Long episode, so pop those headphones in and have a listen!


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Episode 11 – Puberty Files 2!

I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING! It gets a little too real (2real?) at the puberty files today.


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• New Intro/Outro song “But Mom” by BitBurner


Episode 10 – Electrostimulation

Zzzaap! It’s time to get to some shocking topics, and today’s is electrostimulation. For pleasure or pain, estim is versatile to serve a lot of different kinks and kink styles. I didn’t receive any questions for this episode, so it’s just a primer.


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Toybag Guide to High-Tech Toys by John Warren Erotic Electrostimulation Toys

American RedCross CPR/AED and First Aid Classes


Episode 9 – Talking Sex Work With Taylor J Mace

I got to talk about sex work, escorting, and sex toys with Taylor J Mace! The audio is a little spotty, and if you listen with headphones it is I in one ear and Taylor in another, which I cannot fix with my third party software. Otherwise, the conversation is really great and I hope you enjoy!


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Episode 8 – Minisode

Episode 8 is out, and you can listen to it here! A minisode, to me, is like a munchkin from Dunkin Donuts. It’s small, sweet, and leaves a good taste in your mouth.

I have a new microphone, and its amazing. Saw my favorite podcast live, My Brother, My Brother, and Me over the weekend!

This week (7/22) I will be interviewing Taylor J Mace , and then the following week (7/29) I will be talking about Electrical Stimulation or E-Stim – SEND QUESTIONS!

Other news: I am getting man hands (Let me google that for you), and I DO lift, bro. I am officially out as a queer gay trans man. I love podcasting and hope you guys enjoy it!




Episode 7 – Erotic Hypnosis with Nimja

As you listen to my voice, you are getting very relaxed…you will feel obedient…you will…be hypnotized! This week’s topic is erotic hypnosis, and I interview Nimja who is very skilled at putting people under. Listen here or on itunes! I even get hypnotized in this episode! Visit his website and his youtube at I do apologize for my voice in the interview, there was a fan on and I put my volume louder. It is a heat wave hitting us guys, I apologize!

To see the specific files for this interview, go:

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Sorry for the delay to getting this up, my power went out and it came back on and internet was slow on the uptake.