Another skipped week!

Things have been hectic and I had a family emergency on Sunday that’s still sort of making this week struggle, so I will have to say sorry and give myself another week.

Again the topic is anal, and please email questions to


Episode 13 – “Female” Ejaculation

Get your lab coats you cuties because we are going to be experimenting with…ejaculation! Specifically, vaginas that ejaculate. I have my friend Witch Hazel on because she has had more experience than I, a burgeoning squirter, do. We get interrupted – rudely mind you – near the beginning but have no fear, we persevere!

*I don’t believe that female ejaculation is an appropriate term, since again not all people with vaginas are women. It’s just the common vernacular, and I mention this. It’s also why I put it in quotes.


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Next Topic: Ejaculation (With Vaginas)!

So in my own personal language I try to focus on genitalia and that function, rather than classify things in a gendered language of “female ejaculation”. Because, as a (trans) male, I am finding myself ejaculating a LOT more than I was when I was younger, and also, I’m not female. However, the popular term is indeed female ejaculation. For me, I’m going to refer it to just “ejaculating” or “ejaculating with a vagina”.

My friend Witch Hazel, who is new to BDSM but quite kinky in her own right, is what I call the most pro in my group of friends for she has owned the fact she can drown men with an orgasm a lot quicker than I have.

So if you have a question about ejaculation, SEND THEM QUICK! Email them at

Episode 10 – Electrostimulation

Zzzaap! It’s time to get to some shocking topics, and today’s is electrostimulation. For pleasure or pain, estim is versatile to serve a lot of different kinks and kink styles. I didn’t receive any questions for this episode, so it’s just a primer.


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Toybag Guide to High-Tech Toys by John Warren Erotic Electrostimulation Toys

American RedCross CPR/AED and First Aid Classes

Episode 8 – Minisode

Episode 8 is out, and you can listen to it here! A minisode, to me, is like a munchkin from Dunkin Donuts. It’s small, sweet, and leaves a good taste in your mouth.

I have a new microphone, and its amazing. Saw my favorite podcast live, My Brother, My Brother, and Me over the weekend!

This week (7/22) I will be interviewing Taylor J Mace , and then the following week (7/29) I will be talking about Electrical Stimulation or E-Stim – SEND QUESTIONS!

Other news: I am getting man hands (Let me google that for you), and I DO lift, bro. I am officially out as a queer gay trans man. I love podcasting and hope you guys enjoy it!



Episode 7 – Erotic Hypnosis with Nimja

As you listen to my voice, you are getting very relaxed…you will feel obedient…you will…be hypnotized! This week’s topic is erotic hypnosis, and I interview Nimja who is very skilled at putting people under. Listen here or on itunes! I even get hypnotized in this episode! Visit his website and his youtube at I do apologize for my voice in the interview, there was a fan on and I put my volume louder. It is a heat wave hitting us guys, I apologize!

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Sorry for the delay to getting this up, my power went out and it came back on and internet was slow on the uptake.