“Don’t you know you misspell dominoes?” – Asks Everyone

So, why do I spell Dominoes, Dominos?

No, it’s not because I want to be like the pizza. Though, if I could be their asiago feta pizza I would enjoy that life.

It’s actually a play on “Domino’s”. Possessive.

The idea, or rather, the subtext I’m implying is that there is a game to be played, and it’s my game. But it is also a place, a safe space, where we can have coffee (iced, I’m a fuckin’ New Englander) and chat about things that rock your socks. So yes, come into Domino’s and

Until Dominos pizza wants to somehow trademark the concept of a possessive ‘s spelling, and thus come after me about it, I’m not worried. (They’d also have to go up against the X-Men franchise, and like, the exist of a dominoes game…)


Episode 9 – Talking Sex Work With Taylor J Mace

I got to talk about sex work, escorting, and sex toys with Taylor J Mace! The audio is a little spotty, and if you listen with headphones it is I in one ear and Taylor in another, which I cannot fix with my third party software. Otherwise, the conversation is really great and I hope you enjoy!


Episode 9 on Shout Engine

Taylor J Mace’s twitter

Feisty Fox Films

Episode 8 – Minisode

Episode 8 is out, and you can listen to it here! A minisode, to me, is like a munchkin from Dunkin Donuts. It’s small, sweet, and leaves a good taste in your mouth.

I have a new microphone, and its amazing. Saw my favorite podcast live, My Brother, My Brother, and Me over the weekend!

This week (7/22) I will be interviewing Taylor J Mace , and then the following week (7/29) I will be talking about Electrical Stimulation or E-Stim – SEND QUESTIONS!

Other news: I am getting man hands (Let me google that for you), and I DO lift, bro. I am officially out as a queer gay trans man. I love podcasting and hope you guys enjoy it!



Episode 7 – Erotic Hypnosis with Nimja

As you listen to my voice, you are getting very relaxed…you will feel obedient…you will…be hypnotized! This week’s topic is erotic hypnosis, and I interview Nimja who is very skilled at putting people under. Listen here or on itunes! I even get hypnotized in this episode! Visit his website http://hypno.nimja.com/ and his youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/NimjaHypnosis I do apologize for my voice in the interview, there was a fan on and I put my volume louder. It is a heat wave hitting us guys, I apologize!

To see the specific files for this interview, go:

• Full Interview – http://shoutengine.com/LetsPlayDominos/erotic-hypnosis-with-nimja-21348
• Induction only – http://hypno.nimja.com/listen/249
• Induction on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AgcUxeB4oA

Sorry for the delay to getting this up, my power went out and it came back on and internet was slow on the uptake.

Episode 6 – Interview with Stephanie Berman

What if you could have a dildo that is both body safe, and can ejaculate? Would you tell me that’s impossible? Well, look no further than the POPDildo. I got to interview it’s creator and CEO Stephanie Berman. You can listen to it here! I’m so thrilled to have gotten this opportunity. You can find retailers for the dildo on the website, and you can follow them on twitter @TheSemenette , and there’s a handy dandy instructional video that goes in depth about the dildo here!

Why I enjoy BDSM

I’m having a bout of insomnia, which happens sometimes and lately its tied to my first two days of a T injection (I take it weekly). At times like this I end up listening to music, trying to seek a lullaby of sorts. I fell across Rihanna’s new song Sledgehammer (I listen to a lot of various music, but I admit my top rotations are Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce songs in the daytime).

As I listen, it sort of got me thinking about why I enjoy BDSM. It’s a question often asked of me, why I enjoy submitting. Simply put, I am fascinated by the contradictions in it.

What’s ugly – bruises, marks, welts, scars – is beautiful, what is painful is pleasurable, what is considered disgusting – the degradation, the drool, the sweat, is desirable.

It’s a sort of mirror, the way everything is reversed. It feels like I am truthfully seen, for everything that I am. That there is a bit of unconditional love, that I can be accepted even though I am sweating, bruised heap and told I am a good boy makes me feel so alive.


Episode 4 – Spanking

Surprise! No, you’re not somehow transported into the future. I wanted to release my podcast early as an apology to how crappy last week’s was. Now it’s time to bend over, it’s spankin’ time.

My Giveaway!

I’m one month on testosterone. So, happy birthday me. Or anniversary. Or trans-iversary?

I want all the cute paddles, especially from DogAndHoop.

The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook by Gemma Forbes

The Compleat Spanker by Lady Green

The Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino

S/M 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman

The infamous POPDildo